Our goal has been to contribute to the competitiveness of Italian industries in the manufacturing sector by acting on the cost of energy, an important factor of production. Through an extensive awareness and information campaign at institutions, we helped create the conditions for the adoption of a measure for the manufacturing sector capable of preserving the competitiveness and competition of industries through the reduction of some components of the bill. We organized and carried out the composition of a group of sectoral industrial associations – a real coalition capable of acting with a single voice and organized individual voices, and built a series of tools (documents and positions) and occasions, public and confidential, in which to decline the reasons for the demand, the positive impact of the requested changes. As a result of a lengthy agenda-building process campaign, the issue became a priority in the political debate, eventually translating into a measure that covered an even broader spectrum of actors than the initiators. The agenda-building process also continued during the implementation phase, where the detailed parameters for defining the range of people who would benefit from the measure had to be identified.