MSEs as a Priority

During the years, one of our key goals has been to increase the visibility and ameliorate the perception within the political realm of one of the most important actors of the Italian financial market. We acted to increase the appreciation and importance given to our client in the political sphere for its contribution to the productive backbone of Italy, in particular medium to small sized enterprises (MSEs). Acting on recurring difficulties faced by MSEs we supported the drafting of amendment proposals which came to fruition also thanks to effective presentations by parliamentary groups. Since our beliefs are that the reasons behind a proposal are as important as the proposal itself, we were clear about the motivations behind the proposed amendments, a part of which were approved by legislators, putting the promoter of these propositions in a positive light. Such an important achievement has led to more visibility and concern within public institutions regarding MSEs. By the same token we supported our clients views to the media, therefore securing key mediatic support. Our work in this field has led to an increase in visibility of our clients’ wants and needs as well as a drastic increase in media attention via press conferences in public spheres with relevant public figures.