Positioning and efficient lobbying

Throughout the years we have worked intensively to ameliorate the political and institutional positioning of one of the most relevant and important producers of Italian manufacturing. During this time we have acted to increase the knowledge of the work and propositions of our client amongst decision makers of the highest level. Due to this effort we have assured our client the role of an active and important presence within public and parliamentary debate regarding various topics, such as the ecological transition, energetic efficiency and industrial-consumer politics. The journey that led us to reach our ambitious goals was characterised by the use of numerous tools. These included lobbying on specific laws, participation in hearings and written consultations, presentation of position papers and meetings with the utmost important decision makers. Through tireless action we promoted actions that led to the presentation and the approval of norms used to simplify environmental issues, the overall handling of packaging and support to consumption. Our greatest contribution was leading decision makers to understand the need to amplify the number of incentivised consumption options in the market. Another key result of our work was the contribution to the realisation of the Recovery and Resilience National Plan with the addition of the field into the key sectors in the circular economy; this work then led to concrete interventions through public calls and competitions.