Concept placement

Strategic Advice is also able to support its customers with an action aimed at the world of video content production, intended for TV, cinema or web.

The offer of SA differs from those existing on the market in that it goes even beyond the limit of the important and well known ‘product placement’, tending to the positioning of products and brands and expands to the Concept Placement, designed by Strategic Advice and aimed at positioning even broader concepts of particular economic and social importance, making it the focus of a scene, several scenes or an entire production. Positioning a concept means being able to ‘deliver a message’ that does not need to be supported by a single company, owner of a patent or a trademark, but to be able to support more general and ‘horizontal’ positioning operations in favour of entire sectors, which can therefore be financed by several companies or entire industrial sectors.

These days, forms of mass communication such as those represented by film and television productions, and now also those conceived and thought from the beginning for the web, can quickly reach a large number of potential recipients of the message, positioning specific content in particularly effective emotional and scenic contexts. For this reason the investment in this type of consultancy is particularly interesting and can well integrate the classic communication campaigns (or represent a valid alternative).

SA offers its clients privileged access to projects in progress, during their construction, destined for upcoming releases on national and international markets. In this phase we are able to offer a unique consulting service, based on a relevant sectorial experience, able to design the best message for the client and to insert it in an elegant and effective way in the selected ‘production’, in compliance with the laws in force that regulate the matter (The Ministerial Decree of 30th July 2004, n.235: Technical methods of implementation of the planned placement of brands and products in the scenes of a cinematographic work product placement and the legislative decree 44/2010).


Strategic Advice offers its clients this type of consultancy with the collaboration of Umberto Carteni: director, cinema and advertising. His experience in the field of communication has led him to collaborate with the most important Italian companies: Lavazza, Telecom, Alitalia, Ferrero, Sky italia and many others. His films have been produced by Universal Pictures and WarnerBros.

You also won an award for best product placement with the film Diverso da chi? The film received 4 David di Donatello nominations and won the Golden Globe for Best Debut Film.

In the films he has collaborated with Placement: Fiat, Campari, Fastweb, Coca Cola, Franciacorta and many others,

His long collaboration in the world of advertising has led him to acquire a great experience with corporate marketing.