The legislative activity of the EU institutions increasingly affects the life of companies in the member states, orientating, posing limitations to and influencing regulation at the national level. Other times, normative and non-normative acts adopted at the EU level lead to or are a prelude to initiatives at the national level.

It follows that nobody today can afford keeping still and waiting for the moment when issues of interest enter the national “range of action”. It is crucial to be constantly updated and to play an active role in the European debate, both individually and via the ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ associations, with a view to promoting and defending one’s interests. It is essential to be proactive and, sometimes, stimulate national activity by means of implementing strategic plans of action in Italy and in Brussels.

In this context, Strategic Advice provides the service ‘SA Europe”, which includes:

  • Regular update on trends and ongoing developments in Brussels;
  • Regular monitoring of the state of play of the decision-making process with regard to relevant draft legislation;
  • Identification of relevant stakeholders;
  • Activities aimed at raising awareness among the stakeholders;
  • Elaboration of a well-framed strategy of interest representation based on strategic communication and networking, with a view to achieving the client’s objectives.