Public affairs & lobbying

SA is characterized by the interpretation of institutional relations’ activity based on specific founding principles:

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Reputation management
  • Long-term vision

SA strongly believes in the positive value of the lobbying activity: when in compliance with the above mentioned principles, lobbying provides a key, essential, contribution, in terms of information and assessments, to a proper, democratic and transparent decision-making process. Lobbying informs decision makers on all aspects involved in the adoption of a specific policy or a single measure. The presence of different players competing in a scenario contributes to a higher degree of publicity and transparency in the decision-making process, and reduces the room for “not informed” or “not perfectly transparent” decisions. As a consequence, correct, timely, and appropriate lobbying is a valuable aid for decision-makers, both political and technical, and helps to build a trusting relationship between the bearer of the message and those who receive it. Continuous and proactive lobbying is the best tool available to a private entity willing to construct a platform for dialogue with the political world. When appropriate, SA suggests a strategic communication plan to closely accompany the lobbying activity.

The main services that Strategic Advice offers to its customers are as follows:

  • creating and managing the relationship with the institutional decision-maker (central and / or local);
  • organization and management of events and meetings (in the various forms of one-to-one meetings, seminars, conferences, business lunches, etc.) with the institutional decision-makers;
  • mapping both of the public decision-making and its actors;
  • political and legislative monitoring;
  • technical / legal analysis of legislation (law making process and set of laws) and law drafting;
  • design and implementation of grass roots lobbying campaigns;
  • issue report;
  • policy briefs;
  • survey / audit;
  • managing relationships with local communities.