Strategic communication

Communication is a critical element along the path of existence of an organization that needs to be in relation with other organizations or with the general and/or selected public. SA tailors strategic communication programs “designed to reach objectives and achieve results.

From this perspective, SA assists its clients to:

  • pinpoint messages that can or must be delivered;
  • elaborate them in the most appropriate language given the “nature” of the targets;
  • select targets on the basis of ‘smart’ criteria;
  • design and implement strategic corporate communication plan;
  • design and implement internal (employees engagement, change management, relocation, etc.) communication plans;
  • design and execute strategic marketing communication plans;
  • design and manage Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns;
  • design, set and manage media relations;
  • summary and/or customized press review.
  • ‘tune’ the lobbying and strategic communication strategies for their best benefit.